Magico A1 stand-mount loudspeaker

Magico A1

Naturally, such an inherently informative loudspeaker gives good dynamic range and soundstaging, but these elements are more ‘there’ than ‘directly noticeable’. Some systems are so dynamic they can make a piccolo sound like an atom bomb, but the Magico has more restraint. Not too much restraint though. It’s like the dynamic equivalent of the Han Solo ‘fly casual’ quote. Ultimately, there are few things the Magico A1 doesn’t do really well, and most of those are more to do with not trying to bend the laws of physics with respect to cabinet size. In other words, what it doesn’t do is be dishonest with the music.

For the last 30 or more years, stand-mounts speakers have tended not sell as well as their floorstanding counterparts. The Magico A1 deserves to be one of the rare exceptions to that rule. If you want uncompromising sound in a room compromised by its own size, the A1 is one of the few to really meet those demands. 


Type: Two-way, two driver, sealed cabinet stand-mount loudspeaker

Driver Complement: 1× 28mm Beryllium dome tweeter, 1× 165mm Graphene Nano-Tec mid- bass unit

Sensitivity: 85dB

Impedance: 4ohms

Frequency Response: 35Hz–50kHz

Recommended power: 50–150W

Dimensions (H×D×W): 39.6 × 30.5 × 21.6cm

Weight: 20kg per loudspeaker

Price: £8,888 per pair

Manufacturer: Magico, LLC


UK Distributor: Absolute Sounds Ltd


Tel: +44(0)208 971 3909

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