Magico A3 floorstanding loudspeakers

Magico A3

Magico faces some tough opposition, both from similarly-directed high-end brands smart enough to recognise the high-end needs a shake-up and from upper-tier designs from well-established mainstream brands who can wield huge marketing budgets. Fortunately, it sees them off effectively by sounding damn good, making the A3 hit the ground running. It begins its life at the top of the tree of loudspeakers in the sub-£20,000 category. 

The A3 is an important loudspeaker, and not just for Magico. In truth, the audio world already knows this... the lengthy hiatus between the A3’s launch and this, its first review in an English language high-end magazine, is simply down to the sheer number of A3s ordered every time they are demonstrated. There’s a reason for that. This isn’t ‘discount Magico’ or ‘Magico-lite’, and it isn’t even ‘Emporio Magico’: the A3 is a top-class Magico loudspeaker in its own right. It’s the one to beat at the price... and far beyond.


Type: Three-way, four drivers, sealed cabinet floorstanding loudspeaker

Driver Complement: 1× 28mm Beryllium dome tweeter, 1× 160mm Graphene Nano-Tec Midrange, 2× 178mm Graphene Nano-Tec bass units

Sensitivity: 88dB

Impedance: 4ohms

Frequency Response: 22Hz–50kHz

Recommended power: 50–300W

Dimensions (H×D×W): 112 × 27 × 23cm

Weight: 50kg per loudspeaker

Price: £11,998 per pair

Manufactured by: Magico, LLC


Distributed in the UK by: 
Absolute Sounds Ltd


Tel: +44(0)208 971 3909

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