Magnepan 30.7 four-panel dipolar planar loudspeaker system – Revisited

Magnepan 30.7

Are there caveats? Well, two would be the speaker’s size and price, both of which may prove daunting to would-be owners. Another involves seating positions relative to the speaker array. Because the 30.7 is very wide, you may find that if you sit too close to the speaker you eventually begin to hear the individual driver panels rather than a seamless, cohesive whole, which of course means that imaging and soundstaging won’t quite snap into focus as they should. So, bear in mind that set-up is partly about fitting the speaker into your room, but part is also about finding an optimal position for you relative to the speaker array. Finally, it pays to remember that this speaker requires powerful but also extremely high-quality amplification (such as permeates this issue – I’m specifically thinking of the Hegel H590 integrated amplifier tested on page 16) to give of its best.

Setting these constraints aside, though the 30.7 strikes me as a remarkable design achievement; it takes everything we have ever liked about the Magnepan sound to a whole different level—a level where both the richness and realism of recorded music are raised to extraordinary levels, all for the considerable yet oh-so-justifiable price of $30,000.


Type: Four-way, four-panel, quasi-ribbon/pure-ribbon dipolar planar loudspeaker (each speaker includes a large bass/midbass panel and a smaller midrange/tweeter panel)

Driver complement (per speaker): two quasi-ribbon bass drivers, one quasi-ribbon ‘transitional line source mid-bass coupler’, one quasi-ribbon midrange driver with ultra-low-mass diaphragm, and one pure-ribbon high frequency driver.

Frequency response: 24Hz–40kHz

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Sensitivity: Not specified

Dimensions (H×W×D): 200.7 ×73.7×5.2 cm

Weight: Not specified


Wood: Natural or black solid oak, dark cherry
Aluminium: Silver, Black, Red, or Blue
Fabric: Off-white, black, and dark grey

Price: $30,000/pair in the US; UK and EU prices were not yet established as of this writing.

Manufacturer: Magnepan Incorporated

Tel.: 1 (651) 426-1645


UK Distributor: Decent Audio Sound Distribution

Tel.: +44(0)5602 054669


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