Marantz unveils its 12 Series Special Edition models

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Marantz PM-12 Special Edition,
Marantz SA-12 Special Edition
Marantz unveils its 12 Series Special Edition models

Eindhoven, August 6th, 2020 – Marantz, a world leader in advanced audio reproduction, is proud to announce its 12 Series Special Edition models, the PM-12 Special Edition Integrated Amplifier and SA-12 Special Edition SACD Player with DAC-Mode

Our dedicated in-house Sound Masters occasionally identify products with higher potential than expected, then hone them into Special Edition models through extraordinary attention to detail, embarking upon more considered component selection and tuning over countless listening sessions. The original SA-12 and PM-12, solely created for the Japanese market, proved themselves worthy of such attention.

Drawing additionally upon achievements made while developing the acclaimed KI Ruby series, the Marantz Sound Master together with our European sound engineers have meticulously crafted the new 12 Series Special Editions.

Pure Analogue Amplifier

The PM-12 Special Edition Integrated Amplifier is built with just one aim – squeezing the ultimate audio performance from the core PM-12 concept – which is why it uses a fully discrete two-stage design with separate power supplies for the pre-amplifier and power amp section. The circuitry offers the cleanest signal path to the amplifiers, which deliver 100W per channel into 8ohm speakers, or 200W per channel into 4ohm. High-quality nickel-plated copper input terminals and high-purity copper speaker connections ensure this signal purity is maintained from the moment it enters the amp until it’s sent to the speakers.

The PM-12 Special Edition draws on the design of the PM-10 and PM-KI Ruby Amplifiers by including a moving coil/moving magnet phono stage, complete with Marantz Musical Premium Phono EQ circuit and Marantz HDAM technology throughout, again to ensure uncompromised signal purity. 

The completely analogue design of the PM-12 Special Edition contributes to its supremely low noise floor and its clean build. While building a DAC into an amplifier may offer convenience, the digital circuitry is, by its very nature, electrically noisy and can interfere with the delicate analogue signals passing through the amp. That’s why Marantz chose to retain this all-analogue ethos, keeping the PM-12 Special Edition as sonically pure as possible and dedicated the DAC-Mode to the SA-12 Special Edition player.

Sophisticated Digital Engineering

Drawing on the development process for the flagship SA-10 and SA-KI Ruby, the SA-12 Special Edition was created to celebrate the love of music and to connect listeners to the music without losing that all-important emotional connection.

A disc mechanism built purely for audio, the “SACDM-3” is able to play SACDs, CDs, and compilations on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM. It also has an asynchronous USB input, able to handle formats all the way up to PCM/DXD 384kHz/32bit and DSD11.2MHz. The Marantz Musical Mastering Stream transforms all PCM file formats to DSD format, using advanced filtering and proprietary processing before the Marantz Musical Mastering Conversion converts the 1-bit data stream directly into an analogue signal without the use of a conventional digital-to-analogue converter. 

The result is a wonderfully refined SA-12SE player that perfectly accompanies and complements the PM-12SE, forming a glorious hi-fi partnership that’s capable of bringing you closer than ever to the music you love. Because music matters.

The Marantz PM-12SE and SA-12SE will be available in September at authorised Marantz retailers in a black or silver gold finish, each priced at €3300/£2,999. For additional product specs, visit

PM-12 Special Edition Integrated Amplifier – at a glance:

•       Engineered and extensively tuned by European and Japanese sound engineers drawing on more than 65 years of Marantz amplifier design knowledge

•       Marantz high-resolution preamplifier stage using proprietary HDAM technology

•       Switching power amplifier design derived from flagship PM-10 and PM-KI Ruby

•       Load independent frequency response allow connection of any speaker

•       Generous output: 100W + 100W (8 ohm), 200W + 200W (4 ohm)

•       Fully-discrete two-stage design for signal purity, with separate power supplies for preamp and power amplifier sections to reduce interference

•       Toroidal transformer dedicated to preamp for clarity and precision sound

•       Current feedback design with newly developed wide-range circuitry

•       HDAM ® SA3 circuitry for clean signal and optimal dynamics

•       MM/MC Phono input with new discrete Marantz Musical Premium Phono EQ circuit

•       Thick nickel plated independent input terminals for CD and Phono, plus Marantz original high-quality/high-purity copper speaker terminals

•       Linear volume control with new electric volume system

SA-12 Special Edition SACD Player with DAC-Mode – at a glance:

•       Engineered and extensively tuned by European and Japanese sound engineers drawing on more than 35 years of Marantz expertise in CD players and digital audio

•       In-house-developed SACD/CD mechanism “SACDM-3”, designed purely for audio

•       SACD/CD playback, and playback of compilations on CD-ROM and DVD-ROM

•       Asynchronous USB input for hi-res audio up to PCM / DXD 384kHz/32bit and DSD11.2MHz

•       Isolation of USB and digital inputs (optical and coaxial) to block noise from internal and external sources 

•       Innovative Marantz Musical Mastering ‘MMM-Stream’ upsampling to DSD and filtering

•       Custom-designed 1-bit direct ‘MMM – Conversion’ from DSD to analogue

•       New analogue output stage with Marantz HDAM-SA3 and HDAM-SA2 technology and low impedance output

•       Power supply using toroidal transformer

•       Dedicated headphone amplifier with all-discrete construction featuring HDAM-SA2

About Marantz:

The company can trace its roots back to the dawn of the first mono LP, when Saul Bernard Marantz, a native of New York, was unhappy with the equipment available to play his cherished record collection on. So, he had to build his own! Saul officially founded the Marantz Company in 1953. Then, as now, the company’s cornerstones were quality and innovation. For over half a century Marantz has been developing unique technologies and bringing landmark hi-fi and home entertainment products to market through its tireless and extensive R&D programs. Such commitment to audio and video excellence ensures each Marantz design delivers class-leading performance. Additional information is available at Marantz is a part of Sound United.

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