Marten Coltrane Supreme 2 loudspeakers

Marten Design Coltrane Supreme 2
Marten Coltrane Supreme 2 loudspeakers

Based out of Gothenburg, with an HQ in the heart of the city and a factory in the outlying region, the Olofsson brothers design Marten loudspeakers with an uncompromising stance, a touch of jazz, and Swedish style.

The factory is small, but if there’s a brand that punches above its weight, it’s Marten. The company buys in components and cabinets from Europe’s finest, and the factory itself is as much an assembly and final testing centre. The team of careful cabinet-makers and electronics engineers are scrupulous to the highest degree.

Marten brings a distinct European/Scandinavian flavour to the high-end audio world, but that doesn’t prepare one for the Marten Coltrane Supreme 2 loudspeaker. In part, this is because the new Supreme has, unlke its predecessors, moved from two tall enclosures per side, to one very tall enclosure per side; but also because the Supreme 2 cost €390,000 a pair.

Aside from hearing these loudspeakers in the usual show environment at Munich and CES, we’ve spent a lot of the last year or so with these loudspeakers, first in Roy Gregory’s loudspeaker listening room, and at Marten’s own listening room (where these loudspeakers were developed and designed) in Sweden.

This is the most expensive loudspeaker system we’ve ever tested. It’s also one of the largest, and at 300kg per channel, probably the heaviest. At two metres high, and nearly 60cm wide and deep, this is a physically imposing loudspeaker.

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