MartinLogan Impression ESL 11A hybrid electrostatic loudspeaker

Martin Logan Impression ESL 11A

ARC has one limitation, however... it’s software is PC only. If you are in a Mac-only household that might mean finding a PC-using friend who is willing to run the program for you. The software is also somewhat dense for casual users, and could do with more of an ‘idiot-proof’ pathway, because the world keeps finding new ways to make better idiots.

Whether or not you decide to use the optional PBK system, the Impression ESL 11A is one of the hidden secrets in the MartinLogan line-up. Some will miss this on the way to bigger speakers, but they shouldn’t. It’s a powerful, dynamic, musical fun maker with the usual MartinLogan characteristics of good imagery and great detail, but adds to that a relatively small footprint, and terrific integration between cones and panel. Factor in the benefit of subtle DSP room compensation and this electrostatic hybrid design comes extremely highly recommended!


Type: Hybrid electrostatic/dynamic loudspeaker with optional DSP room correction

Drive units: 112x28cm curved electrostatic panel; 
2× 20.3cm cast basket, high excursion, rigid aluminium cone and extended throw drive assembly, non-resonance asymmetrical chamber format PoweredForce Forward bass drivers

Subwoofer power: 2×275 watts per channel (Class D, into four ohms)

Controls: Bass: ±10 dB under 75 Hz, Mid-Bass: –2 dB, 0 db, +2 db, ARC Room EQ: On, Off

Inputs: WBT-0703Cu nextgen five-way binding posts, AC Power, RJ45 (for ARC), mini USB (for ARC)

System Frequency Response: 
29Hz–23kHz ± 3db

Dispersion Horizontal: 30 Degrees

Sensitivity: 91dB/2.83v/m

Impedance: Nominal 4ohms, Minimum 0.6 ohms at 20kHz

Crossover frequency: 300Hz

Weight: 40.9kg per speaker

Dimensions (H×W×D): 154.3×30.2×69.6cm

Price: £12,998 (black, dark and natural cherry), £13,998 (all other finishes), Anthem PBK option £288

Manufactured by: MartinLogan


Distributed in the UK by: Absolute Sounds


Tel: +44(0)208 971 3909 

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