Meet Your Maker: Hi-Fi+ Visits Naim Audio

Meet Your Maker: Hi-Fi+ Visits Naim Audio

Based on anecdotal reports from my British colleagues, my impression is that few high-end audio brands in the UK (and by extension Europe) have as deep and committed a following as does the Salisbury, Wiltshire, UK-based firm Naim Audio. Indeed, some in the audio publishing business have told me—and not in a joking manner, either—that all one need do to increase newsstand circulation for a particular magazine issue is to make sure there is a Naim component placed front and center on the cover. Obviously, not all companies in our industry enjoy that kind of crowd-drawing appeal.

Nevertheless, the fact is that Naim Audio is not nearly as well known in my home country (the USA) as it is in England, although this is certainly not for lack of trying on the part of Naim’s US distributor, The Sound Organisation (the TSO-folks are very committed Naim devotees).  Even so, there is in the US a question of ready access to Naim products on audition. Whereas UK enthusiasts could potentially visit any number of Naim stockists within an easy day’s drive of their homes, USA-based audiophiles might find themselves hundreds of miles (or further) from the nearest Naim retailer. In short, audiophiles in the ‘States might find that giving Naim equipment a listen is something much easier said than done—which I think is a shame.

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