Meet Your Maker - Hideaki Niskikawa of TechDAS

Exclusive - the turntable expert speaks

TechDAS Air Force One,
TechDAS Air Force Two
Meet Your Maker - Hideaki Niskikawa of TechDAS

The TechDAS turntable system has quickly become one of the most important vinyl replay systems in today’s high-end. The Air Force One and now Air Force Two turntables are rated by many as the best turntables ever produced.

We were fortunate to be granted a brief interview with the CEO and designer of TechDAS, Hideaki Nishikawa at this year’s High End Show in Munich.

AS: Why do you think there has been a vinyl revival?

HN: Because we hear in analogue, and we hear that digital sound in the high frequencies and don’t like it. I have worked with digital technology for more than 25 years, but analogue technology is stronger for me. The signal to noise ratio of digital is better, but that’s the only thing I think where it is better.

That is why I have worked with air technology, because it can help improve the signal to noise ratio of turntables.

AS: Please tell us your background, before you began designing TechDAS? Have you always been involved with turntables?

HN: No. Originally I worked for Stax, as an engineer on electrostatic earspeakers. However, following that, I was employed by Micro-Seiki as chief designer and created many turntables for that brand. Then I met Mr. Nakanishi, and worked with him until he retired, at which time I took over his business as a high-end distributor.

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