Meet Your Maker: Xuanqian Wang of AURALiC

Meet Your Maker: Xuanqian Wang of AURALiC

AURALiC hit the ground running a few years ago with its affordable range of digital audio products designed for audiophile and headphonista alike. That would be enough for most brands and we’d see nothing more from the company for a decade. Instead, AURALiC showed the world the G2 series, and the world took notice. It’s rare to find a product line that commands such universal respect anywhere in the audio business. Even what should be bitter rivals say surprisingly good things about AURALiC’s line-up.

A part of this comes down to AURALiC’s linchpin, Xuanqian Wang. He’s the real deal. Not only is he an extremely good audio designer, and something of an engineer’s engineer, he’s also a surprisingly disarming person to talk to, mercifully free from the Great And All-Powerful Ego that seems to come with the job for many leaders of audio companies. We spoke to Xuanqian Wang during the Munich High End show about the G2 series and the launch of the new GX Femto clock.

The G2 series was a radical departure from the original ARIES streamer and VEGA processor. What has changed in the ARIES G2?

The ARIESG2 is a complete evolution of the original award-winning ARIES. We have introduced many new features. It’s quite an extensive list! – our new proprietary Tesla G2 platform incorporates a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, 2Ghz of memory and 8 Gigabytes of data storage, dual galvanic isolation, improved Femto clock, dual Pure-Power internal linear power supply and optional internal 2.5 inch SSD or HDD storage with no capacity limitation so our customers can potentially store an entire collection of music within theARIESG2 for the ultimate convenience and speed. We build all of this technology in to a precision made, CNC-machined ‘uniti chassis’ hewn from a solid billet of aluminium fitted with custom made isolation supports. We paid a good deal of attention to the experience of using the product so we use a beautiful 3.97 inch Retina-resolution colour display and metal control buttons, which enable full music library access and product set up on screen. 

What has changed in the VEGA G2?

Our original VEGAwas a pure digital to analogue convertor which attracted many customers largely due to its very natural, fatigue free sound quality. VEGA, together with the original ARIES, accelerated the growth of our company in quite a short space of time. In VEGAG2 we wanted to implement our latest technologies, many as featured in our ARIESG2 with the addition of our own resistive ladder fully analogue volume control and dedicated analogue input which enables users to achieve tremendous performance from analogue sources, such as a top-flight turntable and phono stage. Furthermore, we developed our own proprietary ‘Lightning Link’ interface to connect G series products together to facilitate multi-product operation which is important in order to incorporate our ARIESG2 and LEOGX Reference Clock. Last, but not least, we have implemented streaming functions in to VEGAG2 for customers who require the simplicity of one unit that can simply be connected to a pair of active loudspeakers or stereo power amplifier. 

The original line included the ALTAIR wireless streaming DAC and the POLARIS wireless streaming integrated amplifier. Why are they missing from the G2 Series?

The G series is a big change and progression for our product range – it not only has a different style, but also uses different technologies which are higher in cost. POLARISand ALTAIRstill offer great performance and value for money.

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