Melco S100 network switch

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Melco S100
Melco S100 network switch

One quality that I look for in audio components is a sense of calm, it’s an indication that all forms of noise are being kept at bay and that means there is less distortion being added to the music signal. The S100 is very calm, managing to sound more relaxed and effortless than everything I compared it with, the difference wasn’t huge and some systems will make more of it than others, but it was clear enough. It’s worth mentioning that a switch upgrade like many others will be more obvious in a high resolution system. There are many who will think it’s mad to spend so much on something that isn’t necessarily in the signal path, and that such things can’t have any real bearing on the result. But in a revealing system the benefits of a barrier to electrical noise are easy to hear and even easier to enjoy, so much so that I may have to start negotiating with Melco so that I can keep the S100, it’s going to be a difficult transition back to real world data switches. 


Type: Streaming audio network switch

LAN Ethernet ports: four 100Mb, four 1GB (via RJ45)

Fibre optic ports: two (via SFP)

Clock: not specified

Packet data buffer: 1.5MB

Features: external SMPS with upgrade option

Finish: Silver/black

Dimensions (H×W×D): 61 × 215 × 269mm

Weight: 2.5kg

Price: £2,099

Manufacurer: Melco Syncrets Inc.


UK Distributor: ADMM

Tel: +44(0)1252 784525


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