Merging+ Range in Room # 7025

Digital-to-analog converters

Puidoux, September 2017: The MERGING+PLAYER, MERGING+NADAC and MERGING+POWER will be featured in a dedicated room at The Rocky Mountain Audio Festival in Denver.  This late decision to take a room at the show was predicated by a change in US distribution and the desire to show the full range of products without conflict from other brands in the same room.

The MERGING+PLAYER offers a single box solution to playing files with Roon. It is offered in stereo or multichannel variants to cater for the former SACD enthusiasts, who can listen to the multichannel files as they should be heard. Since Roon 1.3, multichannel DSD playback has been implemented and this was a direct result of the Merging/Roon partnership which is ongoing with the intention to introduce other new features in the future.

The room will be staffed by Chris Hollebone, Sales and Marketing Manager of Merging, Fraser Jones, President of Independent Audio and Michael Broughton of The Audiophile Source who will be working his magic in setting up the room. Independent Audio is based in Portland, Maine and has been Merging’s professional distributor for many years. The company has an enviable track record of managing logistics and technical support throughout the USA and Merging is confident that the change will suit the dealer network. 

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