Meridian Audio Core 200 System (Playback 52)

Meridian Core 200 System
Meridian Audio Core 200 System (Playback 52)

Meridian Audio Core technical highlights:


Meridian SpeakerLink (RJ45).
2 x S/PDIF coax (phono).
2 x mini-optical (3.5mm jack).
USB for use as external computer sound card.
i80 connector (Mini-DIN).
2 x Stereo Analog (phono).
2 x Stereo Analog (3.5mm jack) (same connectors as optical digital).


Twin Meridian SpeakerLink (Master & Slave, RJ45) with MHR.
3.5mm Stereo Headphone out (optionally mutes speakers).


Upsampling to 2xfs (88.2/96 kHz). (Output is always high resolution).
Meridian ‘Apodising’ filter cleans up muddiness in digital recordings.


Allows access to DSP speaker functions such as Treble, Bass, Stereo Width, Loudness, etc.
Nine front-panel keys, five of which are context-defined.
Large knob for volume control and muting.
IR remote control (included).
USB connector for serial control and maintenance.


OLED (Organic LED) display with automatic brightness feature (can also be dimmed/brightened/disabled manually)


Meridian has long been unique among audio manufacturers because they make an enthusiast product that masquerades as a lifestyle product. Designed so it can be used easily by anyone with opposable thumbs, the Audio Core 200 system also attempts to deliver the best sound possible from its small speakers. In the right sized (i.e., not too big) room the DSP 3200 speakers can produce surprisingly high sound pressure levels without signs of audible distress. But if full bass extension is important you will have to augment them with a subwoofer.

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