Micromega WM-10 WiFi Music Streamer (Playback 28)

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Micromega WM-10 WiFi Music Streamer
Micromega WM-10 WiFi Music Streamer (Playback 28)

Playback recently received and tested the Micromega WM-10 WiFi Music Streamer ($1595), an unassuming black box that seems to be exactly what a lot of people are looking for (even if they don’t know it yet). The WM-10 was launched at CES 2010 and offers the ability to play high quality audio streams remotely using the Wi-Fi (802.11n) wireless system. 


Consider this music streamer if: you want to store your music collection on your computer but play it back on your main audio system in another room, and if you value a smooth, relaxed sound.

Look further if: you want a music client, but value maximum resolution and vividness (and can pay for it)


  • Audio Quality: 8.5
  • Features: 9
  • User Interface: 8.5
  • Value: 8


What Does It Do?
Some people find the parts and pieces of a computer audio system a bit confusing. So, before we get into the WM-10 specifically, let’s review some of the general concepts behind products of this kind.

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