Modwright Instruments PH-150 phono stage

ModWright Instruments PH 150

With a Rega Apheta 2 MC on the RP10 turntable, the PH 150 revealed the extreme neutrality of the front end, and delivered a tight, yet vibrant version of events that was engaging, though perhaps less tonally rich. With such an arrangement, the immediacy was greater, and instruments and voices had more ‘body’. With ‘Postmodern Blues’ from Patricia Barber’s Modern Cool [Premonition], the low frequency backdrop is well handled, though not fully extended. The PH 150 clearly emphasises the way the bassist’s left hand slides on the neck of his bull fiddle, at least until Ms Barber joins the fray, and then every syllable of her voice in this complex passage is easy to comprehend.

The Modwright PH 150 is not your typical valve phono stage. It’s a bit more precise than that, but it does deliver many of the traits that make the technology appealing in the 21st century. The PH 150 is not as dynamic as the best in its class, but it is more tonally even than many; combined with its high quality build and ease of adjustment, this make for a very interesting option for those who want to hear more from their vinyl.

Technical Specifications

Type: Two-piece, valve, MM/MC phono stage

Phono inputs: Two pairs single-ended (via RCA jacks)

Analogue outputs: One pair single‑ended (via RCA jacks), one pair balanced (via XLR)

Input impedance: 10 Ohm – 47kOhm

Input capacitance: 0 - 680pF

Dimensions (H×W×D): Phono stage preamp 127 × 432 × 305mm
Power supply unit (PSU) 127 × 267 × 216mm

Weight: 40.7kg

Price: £6,250

Manufacturer: Modwright Instruments, Inc.


UK Distributor: BD Audio

Tel: +44(0)1684 560853


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