Monitor Audio Silver RX1 Loudspeaker (Playback 29)

Monitor Audio Silver RX1
Monitor Audio Silver RX1 Loudspeaker (Playback 29)

That’s nice, but oftentimes in the past, the engineering team concentrates on one or two models and then does their best to fill out the line—with mixed results. In this case, though, the $675 per pair RX1 impressed me as much as the $1750 RX8 towers did Chris Martens in his recent review for The Perfect Vision and upcoming review for The Absolute Sound.


Consider this system if: You find yourself in agreement with statement like “the midrange is the heart of the music” or “get the midrange right and the rest takes care of itself”. If you place a high priority on sonic resolution and detail the RX1s might make you wonder why people pay thousands of dollars for speakers. Expect a lively, dynamic, and well-defined sound, but without a painful or aggressive character. Your room should be on the small side for the RX1s, but if it is, and you’d like something that sounds remarkably “high end”, your speaker may have arrived.

Look further if: you require full and/or deep bass. You might also prefer another speaker if you’d prefer your sonic character to be slightly warmer or darker than is strictly accurate rather than on the lean side—though again not in a painful way. The RX1 will reward very high quality ancillary equipment; on the other hand, if you aren’t prepared to upgrade you may find weaknesses elsewhere in your system exposed.

Ratings (relative to comparably-priced bookshelf speakers)

  • Transparency and Focus: 9.5
  • Imaging and Soundstaging: 9
  • Tonal Balance: 8.5
  • Dynamics: 8.5
  • Bass Extension: 7.5
  • Bass Pitch Definition: 8.5
  • Bass Dynamics: 8
  • Value: 10
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