Monster Announces “Beats by Dr. Dre Tour” In-Ear Headphones

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BeatsByDre Tour
Monster Announces “Beats by Dr. Dre Tour” In-Ear Headphones

Hot on the heels of its widely publicized Beats by Dr. Dre over-the-ear headphones (as reviewed in Playback 14), Monster Cable has announced its new Beats Tour in-ear headphones. According to a company press release, the Beats Tour in-ear headphones will be available “in limited quantities at a pre-launch retail price of $149.95 by mid-December 2008 at the Apple Store, and”

The release adds that the Beats Tours, like the original Beats over-the-ear models, are designed to deliver the “extreme clarity, deep bass, and full power” some listeners perceive to be lacking in conventional headphones, but in a “convenient and compact earbud style headphone.” Specifically, Monster claims that the Beats Tours will introduce “a new level of in-ear sound quality, including clear natural vocals, detailed highs, and deep powerful bass without distortion.”

Interestingly, the Beats Tours borrow the same distinctive gloss black and red industrial design motif Monster created for the original Beats headphones.
One welcome design touch introduced in the Beats Tours is an innovative tangle-free cable design that should help to eliminate the “snarled ball of wires” problems commonly encountered with other earbuds. Each pair of Beats Tours will come with a rugged carry case and five differently sized sets of ear tips.

Pre-launch retail price: $149.95

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