Monster Press Conference - Holy Tron Batman!

Monster Press Conference - Holy Tron Batman!

 Few individuals in Audio have as more sense of theater than Noel Lee. At the Monster Press Conference Noel led his team of monsters through a bewildering array of new product introductions. Like Tron? Monster has a whole new line of Tron-branded devices, including a surround-sound decoder/creator for headphones. Idolize Yao Ming – Monster has an entire store-worth of products with its own dedicated venues. Miles Davis is your man? Monster has the new Miles Davis “Trumpet” headphones that come packaged with a surround sound copy of Sketches of Spain.

Monster, never one to be left behind a trend, put their whole press kit online, but for some reason only known to the Internet Gods, the email with all the technical info has yet to arrive at my in-box.

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