Monster Unveils the “Crown Jewel” of Headphones (Hi-Fi+)

Monster Diamond Tears Sally Sohn Edition
Monster Unveils the “Crown Jewel” of Headphones (Hi-Fi+)

London, England, March 7, 2013 —Monster, a world leader in high-performance, high style headphones, today unveiled the “crown jewel” of all headphones at Harrods of London – the one-of-a-kind Diamond Tears  Sally Sohn Edition Headphone, priced at £20,000 ($30,000 U.S.) To create this exquisite work of headphone art, Monster collaborated with world-renowned Korean artist and jewellery designer Sally Sohn. More than 100 Hours of master hand-craftsmanship went into the creation of the headphone, which is made from 18k gold and encrusted with black diamonds totalling 5.56 carats. The creation of the Diamond Tears Sally Sohn Edition Headphone is a clear reflection of Monster’s leadership in today’s fusion of fashion, entertainment/sports and technology.

Diamond Tears : Fashion to Be Seen and Heard

Like all of Monster’s critically acclaimed Diamond Tears headphones, the Sally Sohn Edition Headphone was designed to deliver music with clarity.  Diamond Tears is fashion to be both seen and heard. Like all Monster audio products, they provide next-generation Pure Monster Sound. Specially tuned by Head Monster Noel Lee, the audio engineer behind the sound of Beats by Dr. Dre® headphones, Pure Monster Sound uses Monster’s latest proprietary technologies and sonic innovations to bring the full experience of live music-to-music lovers and concertgoers everywhere. Articulate, tight, and ultimately revealing, it is as close to live music as being on stage with the musicians.

New Styles of Monster DNA Headphone Debut at Harrods

In addition to the Diamond Tears Sally Sohn Edition Headphone, Harrods will also offer an exclusive new White and Black Tuxedo Monster DNA version.  A bold, clear and iconic expression of the shape of things to come, Monster DNA headphones were created by Monster as part of a global alliance with Viacom, home to the world's premier entertainment brands. Monster DNA offers today’s fashion-conscious consumers not just excellent sound quality, but a fresh new look, plus features like Monster Music Link for group listening.

Head Monster Noel Lee noted: “Both our new Diamond Tears and Monster DNA headphones represent Monster’s leadership in providing ‘what’s next’ in personal audio, both a style standpoint and in terms of their unprecedented sound quality and features. The creation of the Diamond Tears Sally Sohn Edition was truly a labour of love for us, and being able to work with such a talented, ahead-of-the-curve designer as Sally to craft such a special, museum-quality work of art was really the icing on the cake. We’re looking forward to bringing Harrods customers and all of our fans around the world even more exciting innovations in the months and years to come!”


Monster was founded over 30 years ago by Head Monster Noel Lee, who was recently honoured with the prestigious Plus X Award®: Lifetime Achievement Award, as a company dedicated to creating products that enhance the sound quality of music. The company engineered the sound of the acclaimed Beats by Dr. Dre™ headphones, and has become the world’s leading manufacturer of high-performance, sonically superior headphones, all of which feature the company’s Pure Monster Sound.® Monster is also the world's leading manufacturer of advanced connectivity solutions for high-performance home entertainment, audio, home cinema, computer and gaming as well as a leading innovator in the field of mobile accessories and professional audio. The company also provides high-performance AC power line conditioning and protection products for audio/video systems, as well as energy-saving power products. Monster continues to lead in innovation with over 300 U.S. and international patents and dozens pending, offering more than 4,000 products in over 134 countries worldwide.

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