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Moon 390

I’ve been hugely impressed with the Moon 390 Network Player Preamplifier; It’s well-engineered, and highly intelligently thought out. It combines a well-facilitated phono stage made without obvious compromise with a top-class streamer which works without faff or fiddle. The headphone amp section is also a serious contender, as is the DAC. Together with the well-kept secret 400M mono power amplifiers, the whole package creates an award-winning partnership that offer outstanding value for money. Anyone looking for a serious high-end system should give this the most careful consideration. To ignore this would be lunacy! 


390 Network Player Preamplifier

Analog Inputs: Phono Input: MM and MC, RCA Inputs, Balanced Input

Analog Outputs: XLR balanced, fixed and variable output (RCA)

Digital Inputs: Toslink and coaxial S/PDIF, AES/EBU, 4xHDMI, USB Type B, RJ45

Finish: all black, all silver, black with silver cheeks

Dimensions (WxHxD): 43 x 9 x 33.2cm

Shipping weight: 10 kg

Price: £4,750

400M Monoblocks 

Output Power at 8Ω: 400W

Output Power at 4Ω: 650W

Finish: all black, all silver, black with silver cheeks

Dimensions (WxHxD): 42.9 ×8.9 ×35.6cm

Shipping weight: 15 Kg each

Price: £7,200 per pair

Manufactured by: Simaudio


UK distributor: Renaissance (Scotland) Ltd

Tel: +44(0)131 555 3922


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