MOON by Simaudio 700i v2 Integrated amplifier and 780D v2 streaming DAC

Integrated amplifiers,
Digital-to-analog converters,
Music servers and computer audio
Moon 700i v2,
Moon 780D v2

These boxes have the remarkable ability to pay analytically close attention to every single aspect of a recording without sounding in any way dispassionate. From the dynamic potency of a tune to its harmonic detail, they’re unambiguous. From the depth and breadth of a soundstage to the the gauge of a bass guitar string, they’re packed with information. From the subtle inputs of Johnny Cash’s dentures as he laments his way through One [American Recordings] to the positivity and attack of Keith Jarrett’s piano during Samuel Barber’s Piano Concerto op. 38 [ECM], they’re absolutely controlled.

And the more you exploit these considerable strengths, the more the MOONs reward. An MQA Masters file of Joni Mitchell’s People’s Parties [Asylum] is served up with effortless momentum, the details of the acoustic guitar, the understated virtuosity of the bass, and Joni’s exceptional harmonies during the outro combining to paint a picture that’s moving in an almost unbearable way.

MOON has gone to extraordinary lengths, in engineering terms, with the 700i v2 and 780D v2. It has signally failed to compromise where the quality of components, build, and finish are concerned. It has specified them to remain competitive for as long as is realistically possible. And as a consequence it’s unblinking when it comes to putting a price on these products. But to hear them in unison is to be properly transported by the music you play – which I guess must mean they’re worth the money. 


700i V2 Integrated Amplifier

Analogue inputs: Four single-ended line-level inputs (via RCA), one balanced input (via XLR)

Analogue outputs: Lline-level pre-out (via RCA), IR, RS232 power control, tape monitor loop (via RCA), 12v trigger, SimLink loop 

Input impedance: 23.7kΩ

Power Output: 175Wpc @ 8Ω 

Distortion: THD (20Hz–20kHz @ 1W) 0.015%; (20Hz–20kHz @ 125W) 0.04%

Signal to Noise Ratio: Preamplifier 
(20Hz–20kHz) 120dB; amplifier 
(20Hz–20kHz @ 125W) 105dB

Dimensions (H×W×D): 140 × 476 × 460mm

Weight: 27.2kg

Price: £13,000

780D v2 DAC/Streamer

Digital Inputs: One AES/EBU, three S/PDIF, two Toslink, one USB, aptX Bluetooth, one Ethernet, b/g/n Wi-Fi 

Analogue Outputs: One single-ended (via RCA), one balanced (via XLR)

Supported digital formats: PCM from 44.1kbps to 384kbps with word lengths up to 32bit, DSD to DSD256, DXD, MQA to 32bit/384kHz, DSD256, DXD only via USB and network

Frequency Response: 2Hz–100kHz, ± 0.3dB

Distortion (THD + Noise): <0.0001%, 
20Hz–20kHz at 0dBFS

User Interface: FRM-3 remote control, front panel display, MiND Control apo (iOS, Android)

Dimensions (H×W×D): 102 × 476 × 427mm

Weight: 18kg

Price: £13,500

Manufacturer: Simaudio


UK Distributor: Renaissance Audio

Tel: +44(0)131 555 3922


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