Moon's Neo ACE – success is not the only reward

Popular streaming amplifier in price reduction shock!

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Moon Audio Neo ACE
Moon's Neo ACE – success is not the only reward

Moon's Neo ACE integrated streaming amplifier is a profoundly good product, a true audio Swiss Army knife with extensive digital and analogue functionality that makes it the one-box does-it-all amplifier of the moment. We thought it was stunning value at its original retail price of £3,300. But, such is its success that Simaudio Moon has had to scale up production, and that means the Neo ACE is slightly cheaper to manufacture, and those savings have been passed down to the consumer. 

The price of the Moon Neo ACE is now £2,700.

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Although such price reductions are commonplace in other branches of consumer electronics, the relatively low numbers and inherently high production costs of high performance audio normally preclude even the smallest price drop. Typically, the cost of an audio product increases year-on-year, often to cover the increased costs of materials, haulage, and in some cases 'walking overheads' (salaries, business expansion, etc). That Simaudio Moon can ramp up production and lower costs to the point where the original price can be reduced by almost 20% shows the company not only has a success on its hands, but is a Black Belt in production control. Both of these things are worth a ripple of applause.

Manufactured by: Moon by Simaudio:


Distributed in the UK by: Renaissance Audio


Tel: +44(0)131 555 3922

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