Moor Amps Ltd is proud to introduce the Angel 6 Power Amplifier and the Angel Pre Preamplifier.

Solid-state power amplifiers

The Angel-6 power amplifier is a revolutionary combination of low-feedback purity with high power delivery and control.

These amplifiers are the culmination of a 30 year journey, discovering how to make truly musical amplifiers. It turned out a new approach from the ground up was needed to achieve the stunning musicality of these amplifiers.

The Angel-6 design goes to great lengths to maximise the linearity of every single stage of the amplifier, then applies a low level of overall feedback just to ‘tidy things up’. We use 6 output transistors per channel to ensure this linearity is still maintained even when driving dynamic impedance dips down to 2 ohms with difficult loudspeakers.

The highly linear, low feedback design gives wonderful transparency and realism to instruments and vocals, and preserves dynamic range without compression. The power and scale of the musical performance is delivered without the hardening up of the sound which most amplifiers suffer when the levels go up. And with 300W RMS per channel into 4 ohms on tap, the levels can most certainly go up!

A low-feedback amplifier design needs a good power supply to perform at its best. Each channel of the dual-mono Angel-6 uses a 3-island regulated power supply with over 100,000uF of high quality capacitors to provide rock-solid power supply stability.

The massive custom low noise transformer is mated to a heavy casing with machined panels of differing thicknesses to damp resonances and prevent microphony effects on the internal components. This allows the power amplifier to sit near the speakers without ill effects, and benefit from short speaker cables to maximise damping of the drive units. It translates into exquisite timing and rhythm.

If you do have the power amp remote from the preamp and sources,XLR balanced inputs allow longer cable runs with high quality, and the standby lead allows the Angel-Pre preamplifier to put the power amp into standby mode.

In short, at Moor Amps we leave no stone un-turned in our quest to achieve effortless musical performance from our amplifiers.

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