Moor Amps Ltd is proud to introduce the Angel 6 Power Amplifier and the Angel Pre Preamplifier.

Solid-state power amplifiers

The Pre-AmplifierAs you might expect, our Angel-Pre preamplifier is a little bit different too! 

We needed to find the best pre-amplifier design to match the transparency and neutrality of the Angel power amps.

After much experimentation we found a simple passive-preamp, linked to a top quality volume potentiometer and unity gain output buffers to drive output cables delivered the transparency we needed.

We couple these with the best gold crosspoint signal relayswe can find for the signal routing, and turned (machined) phono connectors to ensure reliable long life connections in and out of the preamp.

The analogue power supplies are separated from the digital section, and like the power amps we use machined panels to damp out vibration and resonances.

While the analogue path is kept simple to give the best sound quality, the digital side is more complex to allow easy system integration.

The motorised volume control allows easy local or remote volume adjustment, and the volume control knob is machined from solid aluminium for a lovely tactile feel. There are 4 line level inputs for your source components, and a G=1, or Unity Gain input to connect to your AV system. The soft-acting mute can be selected as quiet or silent as you choose. 

Oh, and the remote –it’s locally hewn from a billet of aluminium, it feels gorgeous in the hand, the buttons use real switches, they are a long lasting positive joy to use...

Both the Angel-6 and the Angel-Pre are available to purchase now.  

RRP for the Angel-6 is £7495.00

RRP for the Angel-Pre is £2495.00

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