More fact than fiction - PMC launch standmount speaker

PMC Advanced Transmission Line,
SEAS Soloex
More fact than fiction - PMC launch standmount speaker

Bristol, England The Professional Monitor Company will launch its new fact 3 loudspeaker at the Sound & Vision Show in Bristol's Marriott City Centre Hotel. The new £3,995 standmount (US price to be confirmed) is a two-way, transmission-line design, featuring the company's version of the 27mm SEAS Solonex soft dome tweeter and two of its own 135mm 'fact' bass drivers. Despite the slim, relatively small sized cabinet, PMC is claiming the speaker will reach down to 35Hz, with realistic, low-distortion bass down to 40Hz. PMC put this down to a higher-compression ATL, or Advanced Transmission Line.

It retains the 14-element, 24dB/octave crossover developed for the fact line, and the crossover network is matched to the specific drive units for what is claimed to be high levels of pair matching. This also affords the use a degree of room tuning, thanks to ±2dB adjustments for the high frequencies and -3dB or -6dB slope for the lows, selectable from the rear panel. 

The fact 3 will be available from April, 2010, and will be in demonstration at the Bristol Sound & Vision Show Friday-Sunday.

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