Morel Announces the Release of It's New SoundSpot Music Theatre 2 Speaker System

SoundSpot Music Theatre 2
Morel Announces the Release of It's New SoundSpot Music Theatre 2 Speaker System

We have followed the evolution of products from the Israeli loudspeaker manufacturer Morel for the past several years, mostly paying attention to the firm's upscale Octave-series speakers, which are geared to appeal to customers with high-end performance expectations. At the heart of the Octave range is the beautifully-made 2-way Octave Signature Bookshelf monitor, which can be supplemented with ingenious matching bass modules that double as floor stands and that--in essence--turn the Octave monitors into a two-piece, full-range floorstanding speaker system. Round out the package is a matching Octave Signature Centre speaker. The Octave rig is a capable system, but one whose price may not fit all budgets.

However, at CEDIA 2009, and then again at CES 2010, we had the opportunity to see a new, smaller scale, sat/sub type surround system from Morel, called the SoundSpot Music Theatre 2 system, which promises to make Morel-grade sound available in a more compact and accessibly priced format. Below, we provide verbatim the text of a recent Morel press release on the SoundSpot Music Theatre 2 system.


Morel's SoundSpot Music Theatre 2 receives the 2010 Innovations Design & Engineering Award honoree in the Home Theater Speakers category

Ness-Ziona, Israel: March 2010--Morel, a worldwide leader in home audio speaker components and systems since 1975, announces the release of its new Soundspot™ Music Theatre 2 system.

For the last 10 years, Morel has received international acclaim for its Soundspot™ sub/sat systems, with its first model SA-2 winning the 2001 CEA innovation award. 

The Soundspot™ Music Theatre 2 borrows technology from Morel’s 2009 Innovation award winner, the Fat Lady to bring a dramatic sonic improvement over previous models.

The MT 2 is a two-way, true point source system which deliver a more stable and consistent off-axis sound, further raising the bar for sound quality in a minimalist design.  It represents exciting new options for home theatre music systems.

By fashioning a strong yet thin metal sphere, Morel has successfully addressed the contradictions of a satellite speaker's need to be small and discreet, while capable of reproducing a wide audio spectrum. The MT-2's response is deep enough for the subwoofer's crossover point to be set as low as possible so as to fool the ears into believing that all of the sound emanate from the spheres.

This spherical design has an innovative adjustment system able to rotate 270 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically. A single, hidden screw is all that is needed to lock the satellite into position, thus assuring easy and total control of the sound field. The SP-2 base, fit for on-ceiling, on-wall and on-shelf installation, also includes cable management.

The SP-2 satellite consists of a 4" woofer fitted with a high temperature voice coil and an efficient, powerful magnet system. The high frequencies are handled by a ¾” soft dome tweeter. A sophisticated 8 element crossover network splits the signal, while providing optimum phase (needed for a point source arrangement). A true point source provides a pinpoint soundstage, both on and off axis.

Using advanced metal processing, the SP-2 enclosure is remarkably thin – only 1mm — thus preserving valuable internal volume for better mid-bass response. Also, the novel technique of eliminating internal damping reduces “time smear” effects to a minimum, for a truer sound reproduction. The result is an audiophile “big” speaker performance from a small satellite speaker.

The MT-2 system is complemented by a fibre-glass composite SoundSub™ PSW8 which delivers rich deep bass and seamless sonic integration. While most subs are hidden, the PSW 8 is the one to show. Our ability to design a very small enclosure that matches both sonically and aesthetically the satellites makes this subwoofer a winner. 

The primary intention for the MT-2 is 5.1 HT systems. The SP-2 performance, in conjunction with the PSW-8 Subwoofer is of such a high standard, that traditional audiophiles requiring real high end stereo in restricted spaces now have a solution to be truly satisfied with.

Nowadays, many computers are equipped with very high quality sound cards that demand the use of high quality speakers in order to release their full potential. Thanks to its flexible, discrete mounting system, the Morel SoundSpot and SoundSub is the ideal solution.

Available in Piano white, Piano black and Champagne, the MT-2 sets standards of performance and installation flexibility that will prove very hard to beat in the coming years.

For more information, visit  or call +972 8 930 1161.

In the US call Morel America toll-free at 877-morel-11


About Morel

MOREL manufactures handcrafted, award-winning speakers and audio drivers for the mid to high end OEM, home and car audio markets. With over 30 years of technological innovation and design excellence, and sold in over 55 countries worldwide, Morel audio speakers are the choice of many of the biggest names in the music industry. Design and manufacturing are all performed under one roof, in MOREL’s Israel plant.  

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