MrSpeakers Ether C v1.1 closed-back planar magnetic headphone

MrSpeakers ETHER C

For example, on the track ‘Avratz’ from Infected Mushroom’s Converting Vegetarians [Arabesque Distribution, CD], it is common to hear deep, powerful, plunging low-frequency synth passages accompanied by delicate high percussion instruments playing softly in the background. The ETHER C deftly lets you hear and feel the potent, sharply defined modulations of the bass synth, while at the same time rendering the finely filigreed textures and timbres of triangles, small cymbals, and the like. Through the ETHER C, then, powerful instruments do not swamp or overwhelm more delicate ones; they simply accompany one another, just as they would do in real life.

These same characteristics serve acoustic music beautifully, too. Just listen to the ‘Quia fecit’ movement of Kim André Arnesen’s Magnificat [2L, 24/96] as performed by soprano Lise Granden Berg, the Nidarosdomens jentekor, a pipe organ, and string orchestra, noting the uncanny sense of a large, resonant acoustic space that the ETHER C’s create. Note, too, how the ETHER C’s effortlessly juxtapose the very low-frequency pedal note of the organ against the sweet, soaring voices of the girl’s choir and the more robust and richly textured sound of the soprano soloist’s voice. The ETHER C’s ability to disentangle and delineate intertwined musical lines serves it well, while creating a large and quite believable soundstage upon which the music can unfold.

This ability to play loudly and softly at the same time—always with exemplary resolution, dynamics, delicacy, and finesse—is what sets the ETHER C apart, making it an extremely desirable headphone indeed. ETHER C is not just a great closed-back headphone; it’s a great headphone, period. Stated simply, ETHER C gives you all the music all the time, successfully harvesting all (or very nearly all) of the valuable musical information your recordings have to offer.

Technical Specifications

MrSpeakers ETHER C v1.1 closed-back planar magnetic headphone with premium cable option

Type: Closed-back planar magnetic headphones

Drivers: Single-ended 2.75 x 1.75-inch planar magnetic drivers using patented V-Planar diaphragm surface technology. Drivers are matched to within ± 1.5 dB from 30 Hz – 5kHz. Critical damping provided via v1.1 foam driver dampers.

Frequency response: Yes (manufacturer’s term, not ours)

Impedance: 23 Ohms.

Sensitivity:  96dB/mW.

Distortion: Not specified.

Accessories: Moulded thermoplastic travel case, MrSpeakers premium “DUM” signal cables with terminations the buyer’s choice of a 4-pin XLR connector (for use with balanced amplifiers) or a ¼-inch TRS headphone plug (for use with single-ended amplifiers).

Weight: 394g

Price: £1,350 with premium cables


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