Munich High End 2017 – Loudspeakers over €15k


"Mentioned in Dispatches"

Alongside its new turntable, Burmester showed its upcoming BC350, a somewhat less extreme version of the winged behemoth shown last year. Price is still to be determined (but it will be six figures) and will likely be launched in 2018. ELAC also showed a late prototype of the Concenrto M, a €30,000 slimmed down version of its flagship. Others worthy of note include the TIDAL La Assoluta, Raidho’s D-5.1 tower, and the Wilson Benesch Resolution played through Ypsilon electronics. I’m sure there were others, but I have to say I didn’t hear much that got past ‘mediocre’ and one or two that could strip paint at 100 paces. 

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