Munich Preview Exclusive: Gryphon Diablo 120 Amplifier and Mojo S Loudspeaker system

Integrated amplifiers
Gryphon Audio Designs Diablo 120,
Gryphon Audio Designs Mojo S

Because this really is a do-it-all system solution. Incredibly impressive with its digital inputs fed from a range of CD transports or my MacBook Pro (but especially with Gryphon’s own CD player), the analogue inputs were equally adept, whether receiving the balanced analogue output of the Wadia S7i, or the signal from my Booplinthed LP12/Wand/Lyra Skala via the TEAD Groove Plus. It has enough input options to satisfy most system requirements and the performance to more than justify ‘main system’ status in a modern, distributed music set up.

For years, serious hi-fi companies have been trying to steal B&O’s crown but, in a very real way, the audiophile’s alternative already exists in the shape of Gryphon’s product line – and, like B&O, it also comes from Denmark. The Diablo 120 and Mojo S is a combination capable of impressing on a musical level as readily as it will impress your non-audio friends. The appearance and operation of the amplifier is seriously classy, oozing understated quality, and isn’t going to date the way so many touch-screens do. This is a system in every sense of the word, delivering all the performance benefits that single-brand systems should – but so rarely do. The fact that it also looks a million dollars (while costing quite a bit less) is a serious bonus – as well as a lesson that most of the audio industry should take on board. Instead the assumption seems to be hi-fi that looks this good can’t possibly be serious. Gryphon has been rewriting that rule for years, but with the Diablo 120 and Mojo S, it just got a whole lot more real!

Prices and contact details

Gryphon Diablo 120 Amplifier: £8,900

Gryphon Mojo S Speakers: £21,000 per pair

Gryphon VIP Reference Cables – From: £1,095

Manufactured and distributed by: Gryphon Audio


UK authorised retailers:

Analogue Seduction Ltd:

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