"Music Matters" at Bjorn's: The PS Audio Demonstration

"Music Matters" at Bjorn's: The PS Audio Demonstration

PS Audio: Hill Country Room at Bjorn's Audio - Video, San Antonio


Click here for an overview of the "Music Matters" event at Bjorn's: www.avguide.com/blog/1st-annual-“music-matters”-event-bjorn’s-audio-–-video-san-antonio

PS Audio VP of Sales and Marketing, Dave Kakenmaster, was on hand to demonstrate his firm’s new Perfect Wave Transport and Perfect Wave DAC, which were being played through McIntosh electronics and B&W loudspeakers. One of the most interesting characteristics of this product pair involves its ability to buffer, and then to play from solid-state memory, very large quantities of digital audio data (about three minutes worth for CDs, according to Kakenmaster).  Attendees were surprised and delighted when Kakenmaster would show his favorite “parlor trick” (his phrase, not mine), where he would load a CD into the Perfect Wave Transport’s disk tray, play music for a while, and then remove the CD—while the music continued to play without interruption.

But an even more impressive aspect of the Perfect Wave pair involves its ability to play very high-resolution digital audio material, such as recordings released in the HRX format being offered by Reference Recordings. At the Music Matters event, Kakenmaster wowed audience members by playing CD versions of select recordings, and then playing the higher resolution HRX versions of the same recordings. Judging by facial expressions I observed, listeners were simply stunned to hear for themselves how much more musical information high-resolution recordings could convey vis-à-vis their CD counterparts. To my ears, it seemed, the high-res differences spanned all aspects of playback, including better resolution of textures and timbres across the audio spectrum, better imaging, and a heightened sense of three-dimensionality.

In terms of readiness for a high-resolution revolution, it appears that PS Audio’s Perfect Wave pair is arguably one of the most future-proof digital audio playback systems that money can buy. 

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