Music on vinyl comes to London at Styl:us 2016

a show for vinyl lovers

Music on vinyl comes to London at Styl:us 2016

On 23-24 April the Park Inn Hotel, Heathrow, will resonate to the sound of music played on the fastest growing format, vinyl, when Styl:us 2016, a show specially created for fans of music in its pure analogue form, opens its doors.

Aimed at people who love music and have embraced the resurgence of the vinyl album, Styl:us 2016 is the UK’s only dedicated analogue music event. With New and used vinyl for sale, turntables galore, over 20 audio system listening rooms featuring over 50 brands including Sony, Pro-Ject, Clearaudio, Audio-Technica, Ortofon, REGA, LINN and many more; turntable setup demos, album listening sessions on a £105,000 system, best Art Vinyl 2015 winners exhibition, live events, and much, much more

The resurgence in vinyl has taken the UK by storm, with sales largely driven by the success of the “Record Store Day” event, and the nostalgia for pre-digital technology that has rekindled people’s love of analogue music. The British Phonographic Industry reported that in 2015 sales of albums on vinyl reached 2.1m units in the UK, up from 200,000 just four years earlier. And, on the back of that, the hi-fi industry has turntable sales increase by 98% in volume and 63% in value from 2014 to 2015.

Reacting to this revival in the purchase and enjoyment of music in its purest form, Clarity, the UK hi-fi industry trade association, and The Chester Group, global organisers of hi-fi shows, came up with the idea for a vinyl focused event. Holding it in the London area - the heart of the music industry and the city where, in the 60s, the birth in popular musical culture occurred – seemed the obvious location.

Amongst the wonderful display and demonstrations of Hi-Fi equipment, that will keep you captivated for hours, Styl:us will feature a selection of attractions and events that are sure to provide a thoroughly entertaining and informative journey through the world of vinyl.

Tickets for the event can purchased online at a discounted early bird rate or purchased at the door. KIDS GO FREE, under 16 accompanied by adults.

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