Naim Audio's new trio of Nait Integrated Amplifiers

Naim's 40th anniversary starts with three updated integrated amps

Integrated amplifiers
Naim Audio Nait 5si,
Naim Audio Nait XS 2,
Naim Audio SUPERNAIT 2
Naim Audio's new trio of Nait Integrated Amplifiers

(From the Naim Audio press release)

Salisbury UK, June 25 2013. The NAIT amplifier, first launched in 1983, is one of Naim’s most iconic products. Early models are still much sought after by music enthusiasts. In celebration of Naim’s 40th anniversary, three new and improved integrated amplifiers are superseding the existing NAIT 5i, NAIT XS and SUPERNAIT. The new products will be available at Naim retailers from mid-July.

In true Naim tradition all three amplifiers feature larger mains transformers and improved power supplies. Power supply is key to the performance of any hi-fi product and arguably more so in the performance of an amplifier. An improvement to a power supply can often be seen on the test bench, but much more significant is the performance increase it brings to the real world of music playing.

All three amplifiers have gained a solid reputation for delivering a musical performance at the top of their respective classes. These new and improved models will only enhance this reputation.

Naim are especially proud of the consistency of ‘voice’ or character of the three new NAITs. Upgrading from a NAIT 5si to an NAIT XS 2 or from a NAIT XS 2 to a SUPERNAIT 2 brings more power, a wider dynamic range, more slam, lower noise, a more defined more powerful low end but intrinsically the character remains the same.

The new NAIT 5si (£925)

The power output has increased from 50W to 60W due to a larger transformer and improved power supply. Components have been upgraded in critical areas such as the power amp stage where small signal capacitors have been changed to high quality film types. The PCB layout and wiring loom have been improved following experience on other new products such as the DAC-V1.

NAIT 5si Features

 60W (into 8ohms) 90W (into 4 ohms)

 4 analogue inputs: 2 x DIN, 2 x RCA

 ¼" (6.35mm) front panel headphone output

 Custom-designed toroidal transformer with two separate windings

 Aluminium chassis and sleeve with zinc die-cast fascia

 Passive preamplifier with high gain power amp

 British build and design

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