New Kudos Audio flagship Titan 808 loudspeaker with ground-breaking Linn Exakt technology now shipping

New Kudos Audio flagship Titan 808 loudspeaker  with ground-breaking Linn Exakt technology  now shipping

Previewed at last year’s Bristol Show and officially launched at The National Audio Show and Hi-Fi Show Live 2015, the long-awaited new Titan 808 flagship loudspeaker from Kudos Audio is now shipping to audiophiles worldwide.

The Titan 808 has deliberately taken its time to come to market. Not only because of the considerable investment in research and re-engineering, but also because Kudos were keen test and refine prototypes extensively with a wide range of expert listeners.

“At Kudos, we use music as our primary tool in designing and assessing loudspeakers,” says designer Derek Gilligan. During his many years as a live sound engineer, Gilligan discovered that technical measurements, while extremely useful, don’t reflect everything that we hear.  “There’s no substitute for extensive critical listening in a variety of scenarios,” he says.

As the new flagship of the Kudos range, the mighty Titan 808 takes the place of the original Titan 88, which acquired a fervent cult following among audiophiles in-the-know. But while the two may share a name, the new Titan 808 is a completely unique design. From the ground up, it has been engineered to be one of the fastest, clearest, most coherent and musically engaging loudspeakers available.

Only the two isobaric bass drivers remain the same as those in the original T88. The mid-bass driver, tweeter and crossover have all been advanced and refined, while the all-new and even more complex cabinet features a stunningly avant-garde design.   

Industry-leading drive units

The Titan 808’s drive units are among the best in the world, crafted exclusively for Kudos by renowned Norwegian specialists SEAS. The two companies have worked closely together to further advance SEAS’ legendary Crescendo K2 fabric dome tweeter exclusively for Kudos. An improved magnet system incorporating copper shorting rings, a completely new resonance chamber and a new face plate profile all combine to deliver an even cleaner, faster and more musically detailed performance.

The mid/bass driver, also exclusive to the Titan 808, has been similarly reengineered to further enhance its match with the new tweeter and hence to produce seamless integration and response over the frequency range.

The twin bass drivers feature high quality hard paper cones, double-coated to ensure excellent stiffness while retaining the natural damping properties of paper. A long voice coil and injection-moulded alloy framework maximise the linear excursion of the drive cone.

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