NEWS: Audyssey MultEQ System Chosen for Use in IMAX Theaters

NEWS: Audyssey MultEQ System Chosen for Use in IMAX Theaters

According to a recent announcement from IMAX Corporation and Audyssey Laboratories, the two firms have entered a partnership under which the Audyssey MultEQ room/speaker equalization system will be used in IMAX theaters, starting in 2010. The joint press release describes the MultEQ system as a “ground-breaking acoustical correction technology”—one that is capable of optimizing both “time and frequency response in sound systems.”

Interesting, many home theater component manufacturers are fond of claiming that their equipment presents sound as good as that heard in real theaters, but in this case the process has actually worked the other way around. Audyssey’s MultEQ technology first appeared as a standard feature offered in high-quality, high-performance A/V receivers and controllers from manufacturers such as Denon, Integra, Marantz, NAD, and Onkyo, but now will be applied in what many movie lovers regard as the very finest of world-class theaters; namely, the 273 commercial and 121 institutional theaters that IMAX operates worldwide.

The press release quotes Brian Bonnick, IMAX executive VP of technology, as saying, “Sound has always been one of the key elements that make up The IMAX Experience.” By way of explaining the new partnership that will soon come into play, Bonnick added that, “with Audyssey’s time-domain based calibration technology we are able to further enhance the clarity, imagery, and accuracy of the audio experience throughout the entire seating area in our theaters.”

Audyssey CEO Michael Solomon commented that, “this relationship is another step on our journey to bring the best sound quality to consumers in their homes, cars and now movie theaters.”

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