NEWS: CEDIA Discoveries—Naim’s Versatile Uniti All-In-One Music Player

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NEWS: CEDIA Discoveries—Naim’s Versatile Uniti All-In-One Music Player

At CEDIA Expo 2009 the British firm Naim Audio showed one of the most versatile, multi-purpose, high-end audio components we have seen in a long time: the new Naim Uniti ($3750).

What exactly is the Naim Uniti? The Uniti is a category-defying product that combines the functions of an integrated amp, CD player, FM/DAB and Internet radio tuner, a multi-input DAC (complete with USB inputs), and a WiFi-enabled UPnP-compliant network media player. What’s more, the unit also interfaces with Apple’s popular iPhone and iPod Touch and other (MP3) personal digital music players.

The Uniti promises to do so many things well that it can be daunting to keep its multiple capabilities straight, but for starters consider the fact that the Uniti essentially packages Naim’s award-winning Nait 5i 50 Wpc integrated amp and its critically acclaimed CD 5i CD player within one sleek, slim-line chassis, and then builds from there.

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