NEWS: Gibson & Thiel Create Sunburst-Finished CS3.7 Loudspeakers

Thiel Audio Thiel CS3.7
NEWS: Gibson & Thiel Create Sunburst-Finished CS3.7 Loudspeakers

Sometimes the parallel worlds of musical instrument and audio equipment manufacturing intersect, with spectacular results. We were recently reminded of this fact by a newsletter we received, called “The Gibson Chronicles,” written by Denise Fuson of Thiel Audio.

As Denise explained, the Gibson Custom Shop (of Gibson guitars fame) and Thiel Audio have joined in an effort to create a set of Thiel CS3.7 loudspeakers done up in an authentic Gibson Heritage Dark Burst finish. The result is visually stunning, to say the least. At this point, the speakers have been signed by Thiel founder Jim Thiel, renowned guitarist and inventor Les Paul, and what Denise Fuson terms “a myriad of celebrities.” The speakers made a brief PR appearance at the Sundance Film Festival and have now taken up residence in the Thiel conference room at the firm’s Lexington, KY-based headquarters.

Can you buy a set of sunburst CS3.7s? Perhaps. According to a Picasa-based site where Thiel shows images of the sunburst CS3.7s under construction (well worth a visit, in our opinion), there is a sidebar that reads, “THIEL Loudspeakers are building a limited number of very special Gibson sunburst finish CS3.7s signed by the legendary Les Paul.”

To view the Thiel Sunburst CS3.7 photo album, click on this link:

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