NEWS: Oppo Announces “Special Edition” BDP-83SE Universal Blu-ray Player

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NEWS: Oppo Announces “Special Edition” BDP-83SE Universal Blu-ray Player

Equipped with high-end ESS DACs, Oppo's BDP-83SE promises enhanced audio quality

Mountain View, CA-based Oppo Digital has announced that it will soon offer a “Special Edition” version of its award-winning BDP-83 universal Blu-ray player: the BDP-83SE, priced at $899. Relative to the original BDP-83, the BDP-83SE incorporates a number of enhancements—all calculated to take the player’s sound quality, both in stereo and multichannel audio applications, to much higher levels.

Charting the Changes

How does the BDP-83SE differ from the original BDP-83? There are two main changes involve an improved power supply circuit board and a substantially revised audio circuit board, plus subtle changes to the player’s rear I/O panel. The video section of the player remains unchanged.

The audio board of the BDP-83SE will feature the combination of the new ESS Technology Sabre32 Ultra DAC (ES9016) and the ESS Sabre Premier 8-channel DAC (ES9006), with the Sabre Premier used to power the player’s 7.1-channel analog audio outputs. Oppo CTO and VP of Product Development Jason Liao says the ESS DACs deliver “an unparalled sound stage and incredible fidelity in both 7.1-channel and stereo modes,” providing “an exciting upgrade to the original BDP-83 for the discerning audio enthusiast.”

About the ESS Sabre32 Ultra DAC

A related press release from Fremont, CA-based ESS Technology, Inc. explains that the Sabre32 Ultra DAC differs from conventional sigma-delta DACs in that it “incorporates innovative patented circuits to deliver spectacular music with an unsurpassed sound stage, with up to 128 dB dynamic range and 0.0003% (-110 dB) total harmonic distortion.” ESS explains that the Sabre32 Ultra DAC specifically includes three patented circuits: the 32-bit HyperStream modulator, the Revolver Dynamic Element Matching circuit, and the Time Domain Jitter Eliminator circuit, which is designed “to remove the digital jitter that causes distortion.”

A Limited-Time Upgrade Offer for BDP-83 Owners

Recognizing that some current owners of the BDP-83 player might want the improved power supply and audio circuit boards found in the BDP-83SE, Oppo is extending a limited-time upgrade offer to customers who purchased their BDP-83 players before November 9, 2009. The upgrade offer will become available on December 1, 2009 and expires on December 31, 2009.

Under the terms of the offer, BDP-83 owners place prepaid upgrade orders through the online store at the Oppo Web site, and then—using Oppo-provided RMA numbers—return their players to Oppo at their own expense. In turn, Oppo will replace the players’ original power supply boards, audio boards, and rear panels with BDP-83SE-specification modules, and then return the upgraded players, with Oppo picking up return shipment expenses.

Rather than replace the players’ costly front fascia panels, which do not affect audio performance in any way, Oppo says that it will provide “Special Edition” decals that owners can, at their option, place on their upgraded BDP-83s. The cost of the upgrade will be $299, which, says Oppo, “effectively represents a $100 saving for BDP-83 customers willing to accept the non-replaceable front panel.”

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