NEWS: Teo Audio Cables with Liquid Metal Conductors to Debut at RMAF

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NEWS: Teo Audio Cables with Liquid Metal Conductors to Debut at RMAF

Kingston, Ontario-based Teo Audio will introduce the audiophile community to its distinctive range of audio cable products at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2009. Usually when high-end audio companies use the word “liquid” to describe their products the term is applied in a figurative sense—often to describe products thought to offer an unusually mellifluous or “free flowing” sound. But in Teo Audio’s case the word has a much more literal meaning, in that Teo Audio’s cables—unlike any others of which we are aware—use liquid metal conductors made of a proprietary gallium-based metal alloy that, in concept, is similar to the liquid metal substances used in children’s thermometers.

Teo Audio’s offerings include the following five groups of products:

  • Single-ended/RCA audio interconnect cables (1-4M)
  • Balanced/XLR audio interconnect cables (1-4M)
  • RCA-S/PDIF standard digital cables (1-3M)
  • XLR-AES/EBU standard digital cables (1-3M)
  • Speaker cables in lengths from 1.5-10M

What are the benefits of liquid metal conductors? According to materials presented on the Teo Audio Web site, liquid metal conductors are said to offer the speed, detail, and finesse of typical thin-strand solid conductor cables, plus the body, weight and impact of large-strand solid conductor cables—all with what Teo claims are readily audible qualities of transparency, sonic neutrality, and freedom from typical solid-conductor cable artifacts. Accordingly, the company’s marketing slogan is: “The best cable you’ve never heard.”

In recognition of the innovative design of its Liquid Cable products, Teo Audio has received a particular honor for the upcoming Rocky Mountain Audio Fest; namely, the Al Steifel Legacy Room award.

The late Al Steifel was founder of the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest and was, according to a Teo Audio press release and to many of those fortunate enough to have met Mr. Steifel, a man who “loved to champion the underdog with the great idea and applauded those who had the vision and bravery to take a chance.” In Al Steifel’s honor his wife, Marjorie Baumert, has decided to donate an RMAF exhibit room “to a new manufacturer with an innovative product," with the 2009 award going to Teo Audio.

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