NEWS: Torus Power to Unveil New Power Conditioners at CEDIA

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NEWS: Torus Power to Unveil New Power Conditioners at CEDIA

Peterborough, Ontario-based Torus Power has announced that it will unveil a number of new power conditioners at the upcoming CEDIA Expo. As always, several core design features will differentiate the Torus Power offerings from other power conditioners on the market.

First, Torus Power conditioners are designed as legitimate power isolation units (PIU’s) whose solution to improved audio/home theater system performance is based, according to a Torus press release, on “true isolation, as well as equipment protection based on non-MOV (metal oxide varistors) surge suppression technology.” In contrast to Torus Power conditioners, contends the press release, many competing products in the PIU category “are simple filters (that) do not provide isolation between the outside power grid and the inside power source.”

By comparison, Torus conditioners are said to “deliver true isolation along with low source impedance and ample instantaneous current for today’s most sophisticated and powerful audiophile amplifiers, home theater systems, and video playback equipment.”

In the past, many of the Torus Power conditioners were offered in rack-mountable “Pro” versions, which will continue to be the case, but at CEDIA the firm intends to reveal 17-inch, non rack-mountable versions of all Torus Power models up to 20-amps, which will be offered with new consumer-friendly cosmetics and made available with either black or silver faceplates. What is more, says the Torus press release, one of the firm’s most popular conditioners—the RM-15 model—will now be reduced in physical size (to fit a 2u rack space) and in price, with a lower MSRP of $2000 (US).

Finally, the firm’s flagship AVR Series (Automatic Voltage Regulation) conditioners will also receive the new consumer friendly cosmetic treatment, both for 120 volt units up to the 20 amp level and for international 230/240-volt units in 4-amp, 8-amp, and 16-amp versions. AVR Series conditioners offer all of the design benefits outlined above, but with one important twist: they also offer the benefit of stabilized voltage to connected equipment.

Standard (that is, non-AVR series) Torus Power models range in price from $995  for the 2.5A model on up to $3000 for the 20A model. AVR Series models are priced at $3000 for the 120V/15A model on up to $4000 for the 120V/20A model and offered in either balanced or unbalanced versions. All prices are quoted in US dollars. The new models will ship in Q4, 2009.

Torus Power conditioners carry a 5-year limited warranty.

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