NHT Releases New SuperZero 2.0 Monitor and Super 8 Sub

NHT Super 8,
NHT SuperZero 2.0
NHT Releases New SuperZero 2.0 Monitor and Super 8 Sub

(Editorial note: Not long after the CEDIA Expo 2010, AVguide.com received word the Benicia, CA-based speaker maker NHT was relaunching an improved version of one of it most popular small monitor type speakers, with a subwoofer to match. Below we provide the text of the NHT press release along with product images.).




-- Updated SZ Marks Return Of NHT’s Most Popular Model, Featuring Updated Design And “Crazy” Affordable Price --

BENICIA, CA, October 13, 2010 – NHT today announced that it will soon ship an updated version of the speaker that put the brand on the map.

The new SuperZero 2.0, which is scheduled to ship in late October, is more than just a return of what Stereophile called, “…a $250 speaker that compares with high-end speakers costing $3,000.”* [*Corey Greenberg, Stereophile, January 1994.]

“At NHT, ‘high-end’ now starts at $99 per channel.” comments Chris Byrne, NHT’s co-owner and co-founder. “It sounds crazy, but thanks to our new business model, we are able to offer an improved version of one of the best mini-monitors in the history of the audio market for less than its original price.”

Continued Byrne: “We call it the SuperZero 2.0 because it features several improvements to the original SuperZero design. While it looks very similar to the original, the new 2.0 version offers higher power handling, lower distortion, improved detail and better off-axis response than we achieved with the original version. We even retained the midrange and upper frequencies by letting the woofer’s low-end roll off naturally at approximately 100Hz. It’s one of the characteristics that made the original so compelling.”

The SuperZero 2.0 includes a 4.5” long throw pulp cone woofer and a 1” silk dome tweeter in a sealed enclosure.  Frequency response is rated at 100Hz – 22khz +/-3dB, sensitivity is 85dB and impedance is 8ohms nominal.

The new SuperZero 2.0’s drive units are packed into a sturdy, compact cabinet (9” H x 5” W x 5.5” D) that minimizes vibrations and other anomalies associated with larger cabinets. Outside, a striking black gloss laminate makes this speaker a welcome addition to nearly any décor.

Added Byrne: ““Now is the perfect time for a speaker like the SuperZero 2.0. Audio market conditions are similar to what they were in the early 90’s in that affordable high-end products were so popular we saw younger consumers investing in entry level high performance gear, especially in two-channel configurations.

“With the SuperZero 2.0 available at a new low price, consumers can enjoy a real high fidelity system for about the same money as they would spend on an iPod® Classic and a decent pair of headphones.”

Super 8 Subwoofer Rounds Out The Perfect Compact Speaker System

Concurrently shipping with the SuperZero 2.0 next month is NHT’s new Super 8 subwoofer [$349] which is designed to turn the SuperZero 2.0 into a dynamic, full-range system with response extending below 40Hz. With the Super 8, it is possible to create a 5.1 system for under $850.00 over 30% less than in 1994.

Though primarily matched to the SuperZero 2.0, the new Super 8 subwoofer complements any music or theater system in small-to-mid size rooms, and compact size should prove a hit or desktop audio/PC Hi-Fi configuration.

The Super 8 measures only 11” square – barely bigger than its 8” driver – yet it contains the same amplifier technology and DSP processing power as NHT’s bigger, higher priced models. The Super 8’ includes a highly efficient 110 Watt PWM BASH amplifier. The factory programmed Digital Signal Processor (DSP) handles all signal filter functions, features a limiter and compressor for enhanced performance and dynamically controls amplifier current at all impedances.

With a full I/O compliment, the Super 8 features an EQ switch that tailors output to either film soundtracks or music and has a high-pass filter specifically for the SuperZero/SuperZero 2.0. There is even a USB connection for use with an upcoming NHT wireless audio adaptor. (Target date: Q2, 2011).

About NHT

Since it was founded in 1986, NHT® (www.nhthifi.com) continually challenges the notion that the high-end means high-price. NHT takes pride in designing, manufacturing and marketing loudspeaker systems that provide a lifetime of listening pleasure. Its products from past to present speak volumes of NHT’s dedication to sonic excellence.

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