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All the usual audiophile clichés apply, so I’m not even going to spout them. Pick the one you like the best and it fits here. Pick another, and that also applies. And yes, the Hi-Fi+ trope of using a complete cable family works too – I’m trying to consciously avoid using the words ‘coherent’ and ‘loom’ together, but sadly it fits. From the power cord on out, Odin 2 just dresses the system in its Sunday finest, and keeps it there.

In short, Nordost’s Odin 2 doesn’t just push the envelope of how unforced audio can sound through a cable; it breaks the sound barrier. Nordost’s original Odin set high standards for cables, whether viewed individually, or in ideal circumstances taken as a complete system. And Odin 2 takes that to another level. The best that became ‘one of the best’ has just returned to its place at the head of the table. Wow!


Cables as tested:
Nordost Odin 2 Supreme power cord: £13,599/1.5m
Nordost Odin 2 Supreme interconnect cables: £19,999/1.5m RCA pair
Nordost Odin 2 Supreme loudspeaker cables: £43,399/4m terminated pair

Manufactured by: Nordost


Distributed in the UK by: Atacama Audio


Tel: +44(0)1455 283251

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