NuForce uDAC-2 USB DAC/Headphone Amp (Playback 40)

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Nuforce uDAC-2 USB DAC/Headphone Amp
NuForce uDAC-2 USB DAC/Headphone Amp (Playback 40)

I can see several applications for the uDAC-2. If you, like many people, use a laptop at your desk, the uDAC-2 takes up about the minimum amount of desktop area possible while supplying improved D/A and headphone amp functionality. You can also use the uDAC-2, via the RCA jacks, to drive powered desktop speakers as well. Finally, there is also a coax S/PDIF digital output, so you could simply use the uDAC-2 for headphones and let other audio equipment handle everything else.

Then, because the uDAC-2 is so small, you can take it with you on those occasions when you take your laptop on the road. It works perfectly well on an airline tray table, provided your laptop isn’t too big and the guy in front of you doesn’t recline too far. It also covers you in a hotel room or in your mother-in-law’s spare bedroom.

NuForce claims a few special features for the uDAC-2. These a include high quality power supply, a volume control with excellent channel tracking at low levels, an 80 mW headphone amp, and the ability to decode 24 bit/96 kHz USB data streams.

For this test, we used the Sennheiser HD 800, Denon AHD-5000 and B&W P5 headphones as our listening references.

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