OPPO BDP-105D Audiocom Signature

Taking a good player, and making it better

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OPPO BDP-105D Audiocom Signature
OPPO BDP-105D Audiocom Signature

The first rule of hot-rodding is “start from a good base.” Working with an already excellent donor product gives one a canvas upon which great things can be based. Sadly, that maxim seems entirely lost on a neighbour’s son, who seems intent on ‘pimping up’ a clapped-out Vauxhall Nova, but Audiocom has taken the idea to heart. The company takes the very well respected OPPO multistandard disc platform and uses it as a basis for its own transformations, in this case creating the OPPO BDP-105D Audiocom Signature.

This is not unheard of, but Audiocom plays it very honestly. The company does not try to hoodwink people by rebadging and repackaging the OPPO player, and it definitely doesn’t try to pass off limited modifications as major changes. Bigger brands than Audiocom have been caught playing that game before, and it ends badly. Instead, Audiocom has been extremely honest about what it does to the OPPO model upon which the mods are based.

This is also Audiocom’s top of the range disc player. All of Audiocom’s players are now geared as much for video as they are for audio: a reflection of the changes in the audio market away from physical digital media. Despite reports to the contrary, CD and SACD are not ‘dead,’ but sales of players are in the doldrums and new music-only players are a rare sight. In such a marketplace, OPPO is one of the exceptions. Fortunately for end users, OPPO make a truly universal platform that delivers both audio and video to a very high quality right out of the box. And fortunately for companies using this as a base of operations, there’s still untapped performance in the OPPO platform that can be extracted, if you think it an audiophile device and develop important sections. These improvements are not the kind of upgrades OPPO would put on its own devices per se, because they would significantly increase the price of the player, but this gives high-end brands and modding companies like Audiocom some room for manoeuvre.

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