Oppos Enhanced: NuForce BDP-93 NE & NXE Blu-ray/ Universal Players (TPV 106)

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Nuforce BDP-93 NE
Oppos Enhanced: NuForce BDP-93 NE & NXE Blu-ray/ Universal Players (TPV 106)

Connectivity highlights:

Dual USB Ports: The BDP-93 provides two USB 2.0 ports that can read audio, video, or photo data from attached USB drives. Note, however, that the BDP-93 is not set up to be used as a USB DAC through which, say music files could be played from a computer (though there is—or at least may be—a different connectivity option for playing files from computers: see “Experimental Functions”, below).

eSATA Ports: The BDP-93 allows users to connect and play audio, video or photo content from eSATA drives (or drive arrays).

Wireless & Ethernet Connectivity: The BDP-93 provides both a hardwired RJ-45-type Ethernet port and a plug-in Wireless-N adapter that can support streaming content from the Internet or (potentially) from the user’s home network.

Netflix & Blockbuster-On-Demand Ready: The BDP-93 supports movie streaming from Netflix and Blockbuster-On-Demand, and in fact ships with free trial membership offers from both services (offered to U.S.-based owners only, however).

PAL/NTSC Conversion: By design, the BDP-93 can—at least in principle—play both NTSC and PAL format contents, and support conversion of one format to the other for playback purposes. However, the BDP-93 manual contains this caveat: “(Subject to DVD and BD region restrictions.)”

“Experimental functions”: Within the “Media File Playback” section of the BDP-93 manual, users will find a menu option labeled MY NETWORK, which is described as “an experimental feature which enables the player to stream audio, video and photo (content) from media servers on the home network.” The Oppo technical support team does not official support this DNLA Server-like functionality package, but prospective buyers can learn more by visiting wiki.oppodigital.com.

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