Oppos Enhanced: NuForce BDP-93 NE & NXE Blu-ray/ Universal Players (TPV 106)

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Nuforce BDP-93 NE
Oppos Enhanced: NuForce BDP-93 NE & NXE Blu-ray/ Universal Players (TPV 106)


Consider this player if: You already own a BDP-93, the NE and NXE boards offer a simple way to maximize your player’s analog audio quality while preserving all its other positive attributes. I found the NXE board outperformed the NE board in several important sonic parameters and made a very convincing argument for bypassing the NE in favor of the NXE when you do upgrade your player

Look further if: You do most of your critical listening in stereo. In my listening tests the NXE board performed on a par with the Oppo BDP-95 but was not identical to it. In terms of ergonomic flexibility the BDP-95 offers more output options, with both balanced and single-ended dedicated two-channel outputs. But the BDP-95 delivers its best sound only from the two-channel outputs while the Nuforce board delivers its best through its multi-channel outputs.


While the NuForce BDP-93NXE offers slightly less fidelity from two-channel-only sources when compared to the Oppo BDP-95, it outperforms it on multi-channel material.

In the end it all comes down to whether you wish to optimize your system for two-channel or multi-channel listening experience. If two-channel is your primary listening mode, the Oppo BDP-95 would be your best sonic choice. But if most of your listening is to multi-channel sources, then the BDP-93 NXE is the one you should bring home.


NuForce BDP-93 upgrade boards for the Oppo BDP-93 Blu-ray/Universal Disc Player?
Disc/file formats supported: Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray 3D, DVD-Audio/Video, SACD, HDCD, CD, Kodak Picture CD, AVCHD, MP4, DivX, MKV, FLAC and WAV from recorded discs or, where feasible, from USB or eSATA drives.
HDMI audio bitstream support: Dolby TrueHD, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby Digital; DTS-HD Master Audio, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, DTS-Digital Surround; SACD via DSD bitstream or LPCM conversion, LPCM 7.1-channel, 5.1-channel and 2-channel.
Onboard decoder support: As above.
Outputs: 1080p at: 24Hz, 50Hz, 60Hz.
Video outputs: Two HDMI, one component video, one composite video.
Digital audio outputs: Two HDMI, two digital (one coaxial, one optical).
Analog audio outputs: one 7.1-channel output, two stereo outputs (on single-ended via RCA jacks, one balanced via XLR connectors).
Frequency response: 8 Hz – 60kHz (± 3 dB).

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