Origin Live Resolution Turntable & Illustrious Arm (Hi-Fi+ 73)

Origin Live Mk 3C,
Origin Live Resolution Mk 2
Origin Live Resolution Turntable & Illustrious Arm (Hi-Fi+ 73)

Origin Live started out as a hot-rodder of tonearms, a business it still engages in to this day. But, somewhere down the line, Mark Baker hit the end-stops of what he could do to the Rega arms he was tweaking and he started building his own. The natural progression was to turntables. The system we’re looking at today is the second-top turntable – the Resolution Mk 2 – mated to the third-place Illustrious Mk 3C tonearm. There’s a distinct ships-of-the-line nomenclature to Origin Live products; Sovereign, Conqueror, Encounter, Enterprise, Aurora, Calypso… it wouldn’t surprise me to see an Ark Royal 12” tonearm soon.

The Resolution is an exercise in acrylic and chrome, a circular plinth with two circular front risers, a rear riser for the tonearm and a separate motor housing. This uses the DC200 DC motor in its own acrylic block. Speed is controlled from a switch in the motor block, and two speed control screws on the side of the pod sit next to the power supply inlet. A plugtop PSU comes with the motor as standard. You do need to be careful to ensure the pod does not touch the plinth and is just the right distance from the rest of the deck, and some experimentation is in order to ensure the speed is stable and the belt isn’t wobbling or too taut. Origin Live recommends setting the speed with the pulley 212mm from the spindle.

The deck features an acrylic platter, with a standard bearing, which rests on a subchassis that itself sits on an inertia disc. The subchassis and disc are already fitted to the deck, you just add the correct amount of oil into the bearing housing, fit your platter and arm and you are away. The deck itself sits on three adjustable feet, two metal and one plastic, which must be clear of the plinth before you play.

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