Paradigm MilleniaOne 5.1-Channel Speaker System (TPV 108)

Paradigm MilleniaOne 5.1
Paradigm MilleniaOne 5.1-Channel Speaker System (TPV 108)


MilleniaOne satellite speakers, technical highlights:

•2-driver, 2-way vented die-cast aluminum enclosures with integrated baffle and chassis. Low-diffraction grilles maximize imaging and ensure smooth dispersion.
•1-inch S-PAL (satin-anodized pure aluminum) dome tweeters with powerful motor structures and oversize magnets. Paradigm promises audibly better high-frequency performance than anything else its size and price on the market today.
•4-inch S-PAL (satin-anodized pure aluminum) cone-type bass/midrange drivers.
•Sculpted die-cast aluminum enclosures, with an integrated baffle and chassis that allows for larger, more powerful drivers. MilleniaOne satellites can be ordered in Gloss Black or Gloss White finishes.
•The gold-plated spring-loaded speaker connectors are designed for bare wire, not spade lugs or banana plugs.

MilleniaSub subwoofer, technical highlights:

•Dual 14-inch x 3-inch inch drivers in a back-to-back, bipolar, dual-woofer design that is inherently vibration cancelling. Woofers fire in opposite directions, which creates a physical cancellation of vibrations.
•Woofers feature polymer monocoque cone design for the outer skin of the woofer diaphragm, which bears the brunt of the motion stress brought on by extended cone excursion. The cone is also FEA-optimized for maximum strength-to-weight ratio, and is fitted with Paradigm’s signature corrugated Santoprene surround. The woofers feature optimized motor structures with 1-inch voice-coils, made with high-energy rare-earth neo magnets.
•USB port provides support for equalization via Paradigm’s optional PBK (Paradigm Perfect Bass Kit) system.
•Low frequency extension to 21 Hz.
•Built-in class D amplifier puts out 900 watts on dynamic peaks and 300 watts RMS.
•5-mm thick extruded aluminum sealed cabinet is rigid and slim and provides multiple mounting options. Specifically, the subwoofer can be positioned vertically or horizontally, or can be wall-mounted. Enclosures can be ordered in Satin Black or Satin White (to complement the MilleniaOne satellites, while remaining visually unobtrusive).
•The MilenniaSub is fitted built-in wireless receiver for use with Paradigm’s optional PT-2 Wireless Transmitter kit.

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