Paradigm MilleniaOne 5.1-Channel Speaker System (TPV 108)

Paradigm MilleniaOne 5.1


Miatas may not be as macho as Ferraris, but they can be just as much fun to drive. So it is with the Paradigm MilleniaOne system. The MilleniaOnes do their best work with music that’s dense or detailed. Their ability to resolve low-level information makes them especially compelling as desktop audio workstation solution. The combination of size, ergonomics, and the easy-to-place subwoofer makes 2.1-channel versions of the MilleniaOne system ideal for desktop applications.

And while a 5.1-channel MilleniaOne system can play loudly in an appropriately sized room, the Millenia’s forte isn’t raw power or volume, but subtlety, speed, and detail. I used the Millenia system, both as a 2.1-channel system on my desktop, and as a 5.1-channel system, in my small video set-up, and in both situations the Millenia speakers proved to be among the least colored small-enclosure speakers I’ve heard.

Unlike many speaker systems, which use the THX standard 80 Hz as the crossover point between the main speakers and the subwoofers, the Millenia system uses 120 Hz. This relieves the small speakers of some bass duties, but comes at a price. Using a 120 Hz crossover point makes subwoofer placement more limited, because of the additional subwoofer directionality induced by the higher crossover point. The best subwoofer placement for directional integration is somewhere along the wall behind and between the front and right speakers. That’s normally where I put subwoofers anyway, but for those who wish to use a more unusual or creative subwoofer placement, you should be aware that the 120 Hz crossover point could be a sonic sore point.

I used the word “creative” when referring to sub placement. The built-in Paradigm wireless connection system in the MilleniaSub encourages less conventional placement for the subwoofer since it’s no longer tethered to a cable from your A/V pre-pro or receiver. I‘ve used other wireless connection systems for subwoofers and rear channels from Aperion, Outlaw, and Atlantic in the past. Like the others, the Paradigm wireless connection insures that ground-loop hum emanating from your subwoofer won’t be an issue ever again. But please, don’t put the MilleniaSub someplace wacky like in a closet in the hallway outside your living room, just because you can.

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