Peachtree Audio deepblue2 Bluetooth wireless music system

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Peachtree Audio deepblue2 Bluetooth speaker
Peachtree Audio deepblue2 Bluetooth wireless music system

If you’ve followed Peachtree Audio from its inception, several points become abundantly clear. Firstly, Peachtree has always had a fierce desire to make high-end audio accessible for new generations of listeners, many of whom consider personal digital music players, personal computers, or smartphones their ‘audio source components’ of choice. Secondly, understanding that many listeners—young and old—are put off by the stratospheric prices commanded by some audio brands, Peachtree consciously set out to reduce the high price of the high-end. Thirdly, recognising that space is at a premium not only for college students and many young university graduates, but also for urban dwellers of all ages, Peachtree sought to find ways to make high-end systems more compact, yet still rich in sonic virtues. Put all of these factors together, give them a good shake, and what comes out will be a product much like the Peachtree Audio deepblue2 ($399, £449) Bluetooth loudspeaker.

To be candid, many traditional high-enders consider Bluetooth and high-performance audio to be more or less mutually exclusive. So, introduce the subject of a single-chassis, ‘stereo’ Bluetooth loudspeaker, which is precisely what the deepblue2 is, and you will really see many audiophiles groaning and rolling their eyes. Given the fact that such biases are already stacked against it, can Peachtree’s deepblue2 realistically hope to win the hearts and minds of veteran audiophiles? Well, despite all odds, it can and does, largely by winning approbation in the old-fashioned way: namely, by delivering unexpectedly good sound quality and plenty of it at a more than reasonable price.

The deepblue2 is slightly larger than typical Bluetooth speakers and it incorporates both a more elaborate driver array and a considerably more powerful amplifier than many of its competitors. The driver array consists of a left/right pair of 1‑inch soft-dome tweeters and 3‑inch midrange drivers, plus a single, shared, long-excursion 6.5‑inch woofer. Powering these drivers is a stout, 440‑watt amplifier.

Following the precepts of the late, great Henry Ford, the deepblue2 comes in ‘any colour you want, as long as it’s black’. The styling and finish of the matt black unit (whose chassis panels are done up in a soft-feel, Nextel-like coating) is simple, elegant, and purposeful—never flashy or ostentatious. In fact, the deepblue2’s ‘all-business, all-the-time’ appearance almost seems to say, ‘Never you mind the glitz; with me, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

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