Pearl Acoustics

Pearl Acoustics

A new British loudspeaker manufacturer enters the market

After more than thirty years of development, Pearl Acoustics have finally launched their Sibelius range of loudspeakers onto the market.

The philosophy behind the Sibelius design is simplicity, purity and sustainability. Built more like a musical instrument than an electronic component of a HiFi system, The Sibelius speaker boast no cross overs, filters or other electronic components. Just two, sliver plated, multi-strand cables link the drive units to their terminal posts.

Built to last a lifetime, the Sibelius speakers are designed for those that want to get as close to the original performance as possible.  The shallow drive cones are designed to give a naturally wide soundstage, while the enclosures massively thick walls (3.3cm) enable the creation of low frequencies by using the same techniques as an acoustic double bass or cello.

The reason, for the long development time was having to overcome the three main problems associated with single drive unit designs: Harsh upper midrange, which tends to make most single drive unit designs sound like they are shouting, boxiness and premature roll off at both the high end and low end.  The Pearl Acoustics Sibelius has conquered all three by using a custom built driver from Mark Audio for their ‘SG’ and ‘CG’ models.  Launched at the recent Bristol show, the first reactions from the public towards the Sibelius SG has been excellent.

"There were not many things at the Bristol to wow me this year - however, even if there had been, the Pearl Acoustic speakers would still have been best in show. Totally musical sound - especially in the room where they were being driven by a reel-2-reel and Astin Trew amplification - I could have stayed all day" Derek Cottrell.

The Sibelius comes in three drive unit variants: The acoustically identical ‘SG’ (Silver Grey) and the ‘CG’ (Copper gold) and the ‘P’ (Paper cone) for the traditionalists.  The cabinets can be ordered in a wide variety of natural stain finishes to the oak.  Prices in the UK start around £5000 including stands and VAT.

Sibelius SG & CG Specifications:

Impedance: 7.5 Ohm
Power handling: 35 Watts RMS – 70 Watts peak
Efficiency: 87.5db @ 1W @ 1 meter
Maximum output : 105db @ 1 Meter
Frequency range: 28Hz-30Khz (ten octaves)*
Dimensions: 1093mm (H) 225mm (W) 295mm (D)
Weight: 29kg each

Sibelius ‘P’

Impedance: 6.2 Ohm
Power handling: 30 Watts RMS – 65 Watts peak
Efficiency: 89.6db @ 1W @ 1 meter
Maximum output : 104db @ 1 Meter
Frequency range: 28Hz-30Khz (ten octaves)*
Dimensions: 1093mm (H) 225mm (W) 295mm (D)
Weight: 29kg each

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