Penaudio Sara S floorstanding loudspeaker

Penaudio Sara S

The above results were achieved with Valvet A3.5 Class A monoblocks (50 watt), which have a great midband but limited low end grunt. In an attempt to offset the bass issues mentioned, I swapped in an ATC P1 150 watt lump with a MOSFET output stage – the most powerful amplifier in my armoury. But this did little to control the low end issues, which makes me think that resonance clash is the likely source. I also contrasted the Sara S with PMC fact.8 floorstanders (£5,995). These made the Finns sound a little box-bound and fulsome, but with richer tone; pace in the Penaudio is likewise is a bit more relaxed. But not a bad result given the popularity of the British brand and one that suggests Penaudio warrants a wider audience.

The Penaudio Sara S clearly has charm; personal room matching issues aside, this is a very revealing speaker for its price, and one that serves good source and amplification very well. Combine these properties with the styling and the variety of finishes, and you should put it on the shortlist if you are considering spending serious money on a loudspeaker. The Sara S doesn’t need a huge power amp as the Valvet proves; what it needs and deserves is quality – the speaker itself is clearly a class act, after all.

Technical Specifications

Type: 2.5‑way, three‑driver floorstanding speaker with rear‑ported bass reflex enclosure.

Driver complement: 30mm textile dome tweeter, two 145mm magnesium mid‑bass drivers.

Frequency response: 45Hz – 28kHz

Crossover frequency: 300Hz, 4000Hz

Impedance: 4 Ohms

Sensitivity: 87dB/W/m

Dimensions (H×W×D): 1005 × 165 × 317mm (without plinth)

Weight: 20kg/each

Finishes: Birch, Black Ash, Black Piano, Oak, White Piano, Zebrano, Teak

Price: £5,000/pair

Manufacturer: Penaudio Ltd

Tel: +358 50 525 4807


Distributor: NuNu Distribution

Tel: +44(0)203 544 2338


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